Investment Management

Climbing The Family Tree

When a client dies and their estate is transferred, we typically lose the assets. There's no way around this, is there? It's just part of being a financial advisor.

It Doesn't Have to Be That Way

By forging relationships beforehand with your clients' families, you can greatly increase the likelihood of being retained by the heirs. We call that Climbing the Family Tree. Based on many interviews with advisors, retention of the next generation depends on "generational reach," the degree to which you've built substantive relationships within the next generation of your book.

Advisors have begun to build generational reach using a holistic approach to legacy planning we call the Enduring Legacy Process. This process goes far beyond purely financial considerations to incorporate personal and intangible legacy wishes. The Enduring Legacy Process changes your position from the client's advisor and estate planner to a more proactive role as the family's advisor and legacy facilitator.

View the resources below for more information on Climbing the Family Tree and the Enduring Legacy Process, or speak to your Voya wholesaler.