Investment Management

Marketing Yourself and Cultivating Your Client Base

Smaller firms need to develop a brand and pinpoint the client base they wish to serve just as much as large corporations.

The Basics of Branding:

  • Articulate what you do, bearing in mind the type of market you wish to target
  • Try to say how you would serve your ideal client in one sentence
  • Create an image for what you want to convey, and use it in all aspects of your practice, from office location to letterhead
  • Deliver a consistent message through both your staff and your written communications
  • Get the word out by contacting the press, advertising, writing articles, conducting seminars and using online marketing tools like a website and email

How To Target Market:

  • Evaluate your areas of expertise, the things you enjoy most about your practice
  • Identify the type of people who may need these services more than others
  • Assess how you can best reach these type of potential clients through marketing; for example, newspaper ads for retirees, educational seminars for working professionals
  • Develop a marketing plan, to analyze the possibilities for your target market, and build a game plan to measure success
  • Build referrals into your process