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Fixed Income Portfolio Strategy: The Important Role of Senior Bank Loans

By Jeff Bakalar and Dan Norman, Co-Heads of Voya Senior Loan Group

Careful consideration is in order when selecting a senior loan strategy. Many loan funds actively include a sizeable allocation to other bond or bond-like assets, which can materially change the risk profile of a portfolio, particularly in a rising rate environment.


Tug-of-War: Senior Loan New Issue Volumes and the Refinancing Reality

By Jeff Bakalar and Dan Norman, Co-Heads of the Senior Loan Group

While strong loan demand has contributed to near-term credit spread compression, longer term the investment case for senior loans remains well intact. In fact, despite the recent pressure, spreads in the loan market remain above their historical averages.


Disappearing LIBOR Floors Simplify the Investment Case for Senior Loans

By Jeff Bakalar, Managing Director and Group Head of the Senior Loan Group

With the Fed signaling as many as three interest-rate increases in 2017, disappearing LIBOR floors represent another compelling reason to consider an allocation to senior bank loans.