Investment Management

Equity Team

Michael Pytosh Michael Pytosh Chief Investment Officer, Equities

U.S. Growth Team

Jeffrey R. Bianchi, CFA Head of U.S. Growth and Portfolio Manager
Ryan Carver Equity Analyst
Joan Dillon Equity Analyst
Susan R. Eckman, CFA, CPA Equity Analyst
Rahul A. Jadhav, CFA Equity Analyst
Jayme C. Lisiewski Equity Analyst
Kristin Manning, CFA Analyst
Julia C. Morena Equity Research Associate
Yeon Hee Oh Equity Analyst
Richard Parower, CFA Equity Analyst
Michael Pytosh Chief Investment Officer, Equities
Bradley J. Roberts Equity Analyst

Global Equity Team

Vincent Costa, CFA Head of Global Equities and Portfolio Manager
John Bailey Equity Analyst
Steven Braun Research Associate
Nakul Chaturvedi Equity Analyst
Tim F. Connor, CFA Quantitative Equity Analyst
Christopher Corapi Portfolio Manager
Peg DiOrio, CFA Head of Quantitative Equities
James Dorment, CFA Portfolio Manager
Ronny Eisemann Equity Analyst
Kristy R. Finnegan, CFA Portfolio Manager
Raquel Formanek, CFA Junior Quantitative Analyst
Daniel Goldstein Research Associate
Martin Jansen Portfolio Manager
Rob Kimball Quantitative Portfolio Analyst
Brian Madonick Equity Analyst
Justin Montminy, CFA Quantitative Equity Analyst
James G. Swain, CFA Equity Analyst
David Umbro, CFA Equity Analyst
Maya Venkatraman Portfolio Manager
Joseph Vultaggio Equity Analyst
Gregory M. Wachsman, CFA Equity Analyst
Steven Wetter Portfolio Manager
Kai Yee Wong Portfolio Manager
Jianling (James) Ying, CFA Portfolio Manager
David Zujkowski, CFA Quantitative Equity Analyst

U.S. Small Cap Team

James Hasso Head of U.S. Small Cap and Portfolio Manager
Joseph Basset, CFA Equity Analyst and Portfolio Manager
Ted C. Graham, CFA Equity Analyst
John Helfst Equity Analyst
Christopher Jennings Equity Analyst
Sae Jin Kim, CFA Equity Analyst
Jeannette Y. Louh Equity Analyst
Bruce Williams Equity Analyst

Business Development

Erin Doyle Orekhov Client Portfolio Manager
Laurens Clarke, CIPM Portfolio Specialist
Julie L. Knauer Senior Portfolio Specialist
Kenneth Lee Chief of Staff Office
William Theriault, CFA Senior Vice President, Senior Client Portfolio Manager

Equity Trading

Nanette Buziak Managing Director, Head of Equity Trading
Enrico Cacciatore Senior Trader
Thomas Genkinger Senior Trader
Brian Murray Senior Trader
Victor Torchia Senior Trader
Peter Walsh Senior Trader


Michael Pytosh Michael Pytosh Chief Investment Officer, Equities Total Years of Experience: 32
Michael Pytosh is chief investment officer, equities at Voya Investment Management. Mike also serves as a portfolio manager for the large cap growth and mid cap growth strategies. Previously at the firm, Mike covered the technology sector as an analyst. Prior to joining the firm, he was president of Lincoln Equity Management, LLC and a technology analyst. Mike also served as a technology analyst at JPMorgan Investment Management and an analyst at Lehman Brothers. Mike started his career at American Express. He has a BS degree in accounting from Arizona State University and is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.