Investment Management

Fixed Income Team

Matt Toms, CFA Matt Toms, CFA Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income


Randy Parrish, CFA Head of Credit

Credit – Investment Grade

Anil Katarya, CFA Co-Head of Investment Grade Credit
Travis King, CFA Co-Head of Investment Grade Credit
Cliff J. Andrus, CFA Portfolio Manager, U.S. Credit
Razvan Druica, CFA Senior Credit Analyst
Corinne E. Krincek, CFA Credit Analyst, U.S. Credit
Kaelyn Lucas Rotational Undergraduate Analyst
Wes Mannan, CFA Senior Credit Analyst, Investment Grade Credit
Ryan R. Mitchell, CFA Portfolio Manager, Investment Grade Credit
Mark S. Probst Senior Credit Analyst, U.S. Credit
Shivanker Saxena, CFA Senior Credit Analyst
Abhishek Sinha Portfolio Manager, U.S. Credit
Sam Wilson, CFA Vice President, Senior Credit Analyst
Lenny Zhang, CFA Portfolio Analyst

Credit – High Yield

Rick C. Cumberledge, CFA Head of High Yield
Imman Akram Jr. Analyst, High Yield
Clay C. Curry, CFA Credit Analyst, High Yield
Scott A. Frost, CFA Credit Analyst, High Yield
Jeff Nicholson Credit Analyst, High Yield
Daniel Riordan, CFA High Yield Credit Analyst
Robert A. Stiles, CFA Credit Analyst, High Yield
Joseph Thomas, CFA Credit Analyst, High Yield

Credit – Emerging Market Debt

Jean-Dominique Butikofer, CFA Head of Emerging Markets
Svetla Atanasova, CFA Analyst, Emerging Market Corporates
Samuel K. Ayenu-Prah, CFA Analyst, Emerging Market Debt
Bin Gu, CFA Emerging Market Corporate Bond Analyst
Martin Rea, CFA Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager
Anthony A. Routh Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Debt
Yalcin Tarkocin Analyst

Global Rates and Money Markets

Mustafa Chowdhury, PhD Head of Rates
Todd Bates, CFA Portfolio Manager, Money Market
Andrew H. Higley, CFA Head of Derivatives and Liquid Trading
Matt Huang Portfolio Manager, Global Rates
Aprille Johnson Portfolio Manager, Money Market
Kunal Nanda Derivatives Trader
George Palmer Senior Trader, Derivative Portfolio Management and Liquid Trading
Guy Petcho Portfolio Manager, Global Rates
Esther Yang, FSA, CFA Portfolio Manager, Global Rates
David Yealy Senior Portfolio Manager, Money Market

Insurance Portfolio Managers

Michael J. Pagano Head of Insurance Portfolio Management
Gautam B. Desai, CFA Insurance Portfolio Manager
Russell Faulkner, CFA Senior Insurance Portfolio Manager
Jeffrey Hobbs, CFA Senior Insurance Portfolio Manager
Rawls Morrow, CFA, CAIA, CPA Senior Insurance Portfolio Manager
Catherine Reimer, CFA, FSA Senior Insurance Portfolio Manager
Jeremy Wohlberg, CFA Insurance Portfolio Manager

Macro and Quant Research

Brian Timberlake, CFA, PhD Head of Fixed Income Research
Evan S. Borenstein, PhD Senior Quantitative Analyst
Kurt Kringelis, CFA, CPA, JD Head Macro Credit Strategist
Vinay Viralam, CFA Vice President, Asset Allocation Strategist
Reuben Weislogel, CAIA, CFA Analyst
Jingsong Wu, PhD, CFA Senior Quantitative Analyst

Mortgage Derivatives

Peter Guan, PhD Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Mortgage Derivatives
Derek Chen, PhD Senior Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Derivatives
Ken Haim Senior Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Derivatives
Nikhil Killamsetti, CFA Quantitative Analyst
Jake Lowery, CFA Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Derivatives
Tracy M. McCullough, CFA Senior Financial Analyst, Portfolio Analytics and Trading Support
James A. McKinney III Analyst, Mortgage Derivatives
Yingli Zhu, PhD, CFA Quantitative Analyst, Mortgage Derivatives

Portfolio Management

Sean Banai, CFA Head of Portfolio Management
Ralph J. Divino Fixed Income Client Portfolio Manager
Paul Buren, CFA Portfolio Manager
Rachael M. Camargo Senior Portfolio Specialist
Bob Kase, CFA Senior Portfolio Manager
Lauren Kircher Portfolio Specialist
Peter Perakis, CFA Assistant Portfolio Manager
Hans W. Sapra Assistant Portfolio Specialist

Private Credit Team

Chris Lyons, CFA Managing Director and Group Head, Private Credit
Greg R. Addicks, CFA Senior Vice President and Team Leader, Private High Yield
Gaurav Ahuja, CFA Analyst, Private Credit High Yield
Paul Aronson, CFA Team Lead, Private Credit Investment Grade
Olamide O. Bello, CFA Assistant Vice President, Private Credit
Patti Boss, JD Private Credit Support
Lindy H. Freitag, JD Vice President, Lawyer, Private Credit
John Inwood, JD Private Credit High Yield
Shannon Juhan, CFA Vice President, Private Credit
Peter F. Komarek, CFA Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager, Private Credit
David Kulze, CFA Analyst, Private Credit
Virginia L. O'Kelley, CFA Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Private Credit
John Retsos Vice President, Private Credit
Clint C. Roberts Vice President and Senior Analyst
Justin Stach Vice President, Private Credit
Anh Ta Analyst, Private Credit
Avi Tolani, CFA Analyst, Private Credit High Yield
Fitz Wickham, CFA Credit Analyst, U.S. Credit
Josh A. Winchester, CFA Vice President, Private Credit

Real Estate Finance Team

Gregory R. Michaud Head of Real Estate Finance
Marcia Alexander Manager Mortgage Loan Servicing
Matthew Atkins, Esq., JD Vice President, Real Estate Support
Christian C. Baggett Mortgage Asset Management
Michael Cale Team Leader, Real Estate Finance
Christopher Gorman Head of Structured Finance
Christine Hansen Real Estate Portfolio Analytics Manager
James M. May, Esq. Head of Legal, Real Estate Finance
Daniel Siegenthaler Team Leader, Real Estate Finance
Jason I. Tessler Head of Production, Real Estate Finance
Kurt Wassenar Head of Portfolio Management and Analytics, Real Estate Finance

+36 additional team members

Risk Management

Brad A. Taylor, FSA, CFA Head of Investment Risk Management
Nitiman Agrawal, CFA, FRM Vice President, Investment Risk
Jason Blake Senior Risk Analyst
Rao Casturi Vice President, Risk Reporting and Technology
Nirmal Darak Risk Analyst
Peter-Paul J. Hoogbruin, FRM Senior Vice President, Investment Risk Management
Owen O. Joiner, CFA Risk Analyst
Michael Kotzan, CFA Vice President, Investment Risk Management
Jonathan Nash, CISSP Senior Vice President, Investment Risk
Eamon O'Neill Vice President, Risk Management
Martijn Vermeulen Assistant Vice President, Risk Management


Dave S. Goodson Head of Securitized

Securitized – Non-Agency MBS/ABS/CMBS

Jonathan Abshire, CFA Portfolio Manager, Structured Finance
Jeremy B. Brockman, CFA Portfolio Manager
Colin Dugas, CFA Portfolio Manager, Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities
John R. Edwards Portfolio Manager, Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities
Kyle T. Harman Assistant Portfolio Manager, Securitized Products
Tim McCrady, CFA Portfolio Manager, Structured Finance

Securitized – Agency RMBS

Jeff Dutra, CFA Senior Portfolio Manager, Structured Finance
Tony A. Calore MBS Analyst
Justin McWhorter, CFA, CPA Portfolio Manager, Structured Finance


Matt Toms, CFA Matt Toms, CFA Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income Total Years of Experience: 23
Matt Toms is chief investment officer of fixed income at Voya Investment Management. In this role, he leads a team of more than 100 investment professionals. Before becoming CIO, Matt was head of public fixed income at Voya Investment Management, overseeing the investment teams responsible for investment grade corporate, high yield corporate, structured products, mortgage-backed securities, emerging market debt and money market strategies for Voya’s general account and third-party business. In this capacity, Matt led the fixed income investment strategy and portfolio management process in close partnership with Christine Hurtsellers, former CIO of fixed income and now chief executive officer of Voya Investment Management; he also served as a lead portfolio manager on many of Voya's multi-sector fixed income strategies. Prior to joining the firm, Matt worked with Calamos Investments, where he established and grew their fixed income business. He also has prior experience with Northern Trust and Lincoln National within both public and private corporate markets as well as across multi-sector and global bond portfolio management. Matt received a BBA from the University of Michigan and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation