Investment Management

Private Credit Investment Grade

Portfolio Managers

Chris Lyons, CFA Photo

Chris Lyons, CFA

Managing Director and Group Head, Private Credit

Virginia L. O'Kelley, CFA Photo

Virginia L. O'Kelley, CFA

Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Private Credit

Greg R. Addicks, CFA Photo

Greg R. Addicks, CFA

Senior Vice President and Team Leader, Private High Yield


Takes advantage of privately negotiated covenant structures, investing in fixed-rate corporate debt sold to investors and exempt from SEC registration


We believe that intensive up-front underwriting of individual securities, paired with appropriate structural and covenant protection, leads to more flexible portfolios and strong risk-adjusted performance in all market conditions.


To outperform the Bloomberg Barclays Corporate Duration-Adjusted Index by 1.0% annually over a full credit cycle

Competitive Advantage

  • Experienced, stable Private Credit team with established track record of success
  • Unique integration of skillsets across analysts, lawyers, and workout team
  • Advantaged deal sourcing covering 95% of Private Credit issuance
  • Historical up-front yield advantage vs. publicly traded securities; prepayment and amendment fees add incremental yield
  • Intense upfront underwriting process, strict adherence to structural protection protocols and highly effective portfolio monitoring and management process
  • Can deliver flexible solutions according to client needs

*There is no guarantee that this objective will be achieved.