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Investment Strategies

The MASS team's broad-based capabilities and unbiased, scientific and innovative development process benefit all investment strategies.

Target Solution Trust Custom Target Date


  • Investment products in and of themselves do not constitute solutions
  • Effective solutions to investment challenges come in multi-asset packages that transcend portfolio silos and focus on desired outcomes
  • Using a product-agnostic approach, we inquire, engage, analyze and then propose solutions to meet clients' needs


  • Broad-based team of nearly 30 investment professionals with an average of 14 years of experience
  • Well-resourced, diverse, creative and deeply experienced team across a wide spectrum of investment disciplines
  • Expertise in asset allocation, quantitative analysis, economic forecasting, manager selection and risk management


  • Access to broadly diversified global sources of alpha
  • Robust asset allocation and modeling methodology
  • Financial engineering, actuarial and pension asset/liability management
  • Sophisticated risk management and hedging techniques
  • Investment manager selection and monitoring