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Surviving in a Low Return World

Risky assets need not produce risky portfolios. In this white paper, we explore how artful diversification using less orthodox assets could yield impressive gains in potential returns — without materially increasing risk.


The Impact of Equity Market Fragmentation and Dark Pools on Trading and Alpha Generation

Regulatory​ changes, ever-evolving trading technology and the use of commission sharing arrangements (CSAs) have caused secular changes in the dynamics of both buy-side and sell-side business models and approaches to trading. Fragmentation has also transformed the order size/frequency disparity; the difference between average order size and average trade size has dramatically decreased while the frequency of trades has skyrocketed, resulting in a much more dynamic intraday size/volume profile with potential for greater velocity in pricing and thus market impact. In evaluating active equity managers, investors should consider their awareness and management of the forces at play in equity trading today, especially their understanding of market structure.


2016 Long-Term Capital Market Forecasts

Cyclically sensitive assets like equities and the riskiest credit instruments are likely to provide risk-adjusted returns superior to those of most fixed income assets, particularly government bonds, over our ten-year horizon, though the relative attractiveness is becoming more balanced than it was a year ago.


Fresh Insights: Participant Preferences in Target Date Funds

Voya’s third survey of participant preferences in target date funds finds that two-thirds of retirement plan participants prefer target date funds which offer a mix of actively and passively managed components. The survey also confirms earlier findings that participants who use target date funds have greater confidence in their investments than those who don’t. The white paper with the full 2015 results, as well as the two previous surveys conducted in 2011 and 2013, can be found here.


Securitized Credit

Securitized credit markets, a multi-faceted, opportunity-rich asset class, includes commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), asset-backed securities (ABS) and non-agency residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), all of which have distinctive attributes and qualities that make them attractive to investors.