Investment Management

Voya Prime Rate Trust

Distributions: Last 12 Months

Payment Frequency: Monthly

Type Ex-Date Payable Date Record Date Amount
Distributions 09/08/2017 09/22/2017 09/11/2017 $0.024000
Distributions 08/08/2017 08/22/2017 08/10/2017 $0.025000
Distributions 07/06/2017 07/24/2017 07/10/2017 $0.025000
Distributions 06/08/2017 06/22/2017 06/12/2017 $0.026000
Distributions 05/08/2017 05/22/2017 05/10/2017 $0.026000
Distributions 04/06/2017 04/24/2017 04/10/2017 $0.027000
Distributions 03/08/2017 03/22/2017 03/10/2017 $0.026000
Distributions 02/08/2017 02/22/2017 02/10/2017 $0.027000
Distributions 12/29/2016 01/12/2017 01/03/2017 $0.027000
Distributions 12/08/2016 12/22/2016 12/12/2016 $0.027000
Distributions 11/08/2016 11/22/2016 11/10/2016 $0.027000
Totals: $0.287000

To obtain an estimate of the components for each distribution please refer to the distribution press releases.

The Fund intends to make regular monthly distributions based on the past and projected performance of the Fund. The tax treatment and characterization of the Fund’s distributions may vary significantly from time to time depending on whether the Fund has gains or losses on the call options written on its portfolio versus gains or losses on the equity securities in the portfolio. The Fund’s distributions will normally reflect past and projected net investment income, and may include income from dividends and interest, capital gains and/or a return of capital. The final composition of the tax characteristics of the distributions cannot be determined with certainty until after the end of the year, and will be reported to shareholders at that time. The amount of monthly distributions will vary, depending on a number of factors. As portfolio and market conditions change, the rate of dividends on the common shares will change. There can be no assurance that the Fund will be able to declare a dividend in each period.

Ex-Date: Date on which a stock begins trading without the benefit of the dividend. Typically, a stock’s price moves up by the dollar amount of the dividend as the ex-dividend date approaches, then falls by the amount of the dividend after that date.

Payable Date: Date on which a declared stock dividend or a bond interest payment is scheduled to be paid.

Record Date: Date on which a shareholder must officially own shares in order to be entitled to a dividend. After the date of record, the stock is said to be ex-dividend.