Voya’s Reinhard: Brexit Vote Means Bank Of England Is On Hold

January 16, 2019

Voya Investment Management’s head of asset allocation Barbara Reinhard appeared on Bloomberg Markets where she discussed the market implications of the Brexit negotiations. According to Reinhard, the rejection of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal by the British Parliament “would likely mean that you’re going to be extending the deadline for Article 50 to be invoked, that means more uncertainty, more uncertainty means slower growth, slower growth means the Bank of England is probably on hold.”

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Voya’s Hurtsellers Sees Bright Future For Firm

December 24, 2018

Pensions & Investments reports Voya Investment Management CEO Christine Hurtsellers said she’s not fazed by the growth in assets under management among the world’s largest money managers through passive investing and exchange-traded funds. Instead, she said, she’s excited about the company’s growth efforts using its insurance asset management expertise – its liability awareness, its ability to customize, and its ability to offer asset classes that are hard to replicate in public markets. Hurtsellers said, “There really are only a few ways to get revenue growth: adding assets to where your marginal expenses are below the price that you’re onboarding the assets, cutting expenses or developing products that are more profitable than our existing block of business.” Some of Voya’s efficiency comes from recently streamlining its product offerings. According to Hurtsellers, Voya has also used technological advances to deliver cost efficiencies.

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